a cut above the standard

Hand Cut

To insure our leathers are truly PREMIUM, we personally inspect the hides we start from for quality and weight (8-9oz vs 6-7oz standard leathers). We then hand cut them to be thicker than the standard “big supplier” leathers (5/16″ vs 1/4″). All of this results in leathers that are more durable and a cut above the standard!

Oil / Treatment

Our treated leathers get a 2 step treatment process applied to each individual leather. Each step has its purpose, ultimately making the leather soft and easy to work with, despite being thicker than standard leathers. The treatment also allows the leathers to be much more resistant to the elements than the standard leathers from other suppliers.

Your Choice

While usable by any level of stringer, our Premium Leathers were designed from the ground up with the elite stringer in mind. The bottom of the leather is left blunt, so you can finish them the way YOU want. For the top, we provide one slit for you, allowing you to use as is, or make another for a two slit top. The choice is yours!

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