It's like your mesh, just fresher.

The marketplace for lacrosse mesh is crowded, and we all have our favorites. Our aim with DubMesh:Remixed isn’t to replace your mesh – we are here, simply put, to make your mesh fresher. Look good, play good, baby. Don’t see a design you like? Contact us – we’ll see if we can make it happen. Want us to remix a specific brand of mesh? Contact us.
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The Lab Never Sleeps

Our minds never stop. So, be on the look out for new designs! Seasonal, Special Occasions – who knows what will move us to create a new piece.

No Idea is Too Crazy

We dream it, we do it…so why not offer that to you? You want something crazy? Send us your idea!

Sharing is Caring

If you send us the design for a custom piece, and you allow us to sell it to others – we’ll give you a cut.

“I can always count on @dubiliciouscarolina for creative and amazing content”

Stringer’s Shack from their instagram account.

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We enjoy the creation process. From our minds it hits the mesh, then to your mailbox.
So, there is the scoop. Click the button below and see the latest in our DubMesh:Remixed line!