Welcome To Datz'Mine

From our mind to your mailbox.

Introducing DubPremiumLeathers

Early Stages

This site is a work in progress. We have a stable of sites – and this one is a catch all. We imagine there will be mostly lacrosse related items, however don’t paint us in a corner.

Low Low Prices

We are just two guys, so the price we put on something will be as low as we feel we can go at that time.  Our promise:  we aren’t out to stick it to you.

Free Shipping

Orders of $60 bucks or higher are shipped to you free!! If you spend 60 bucks and 1 cent – that order is shipping free. What a deal.

Loaded With Goodies

When ever possible, we include extra stuff in your order. It could be two bracelets for the price of one, it could be a sample of a new product – point is we like free stuff, and imagine you do too.

Introducing DubDyedLeathers